2nd Edition “Handbooks Of Offshore Surveying” Released by Skilltrade

Skilltrade released the 2nd edition of its Handbook of Offshore Surveying. The aim of our Handbook is to provide substantial and practical information about Survey and related subjects to the Offshore, Dredging, Oil & Gas and Energy industries. Our Handbook comprises of 3 Volumes, over 700p of information written and edited by individuals who work in the industry. The Handbook provides you with an insight into what is required for  Hdyrographic Surveying and related matters.

Subjects: Projects, Preparation and Processing, Positioning (a.o. Geodesy, GPS, USBL), Tides and Acquisition Sensors (a.o. MBES, SSS, Sampling).

The Handbook is used by over 20 Educational  Institutes and Organisations around the world. Anextremely practical and visual book which should be on your bookshelf and onboard your vessel.

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