CPNL Meets Expectations at Nordsee Ost, Germany

CPNL Meets Expectations at Nordsee Ost, Germany

It was recently reported by VSMC that the first cables were installed at Nordsee Ost wind farm. In addition to this report CPNL Engineering received a preliminary review that the cable protection system functions as ordered by customer RWE Innogy GmbH.

RWE claims to be completely satisfied with the installation, as the system fits perfectly in the belmouth, remains in position and assembly of the system runs well.

“It is an exciting time for us, as Nordsee Ost is our first complete wind farm supplied with 104 protection systems within 8 calendar months. With the first cables equipped and installed with our systems it is valuable to receive feedback on performance and what could potentially be improved’, mentioned Ton Tuk (director CPNL Engineering GmbH).

“We’re preparing ourselves for the “end-of-the-year-rally” with new to announce projects and a game changing system for offshore installations. Early November we are able to announce in more detail what we are up to.”

This project will be added to a positive reference list, which was recently extended with two repairs for Dong Energy (Walney) and Christoffers Subsea GmbH.
Press Release, September 2, 2013