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Design. Build. Connect. Jan De Nul Group shapes water and land. Worldwide. From complex services to the offshore energy and energy transition sector, over large dredging and defence works on the edge of water and land, to challenging civil and environmental works. Well integrated competences and investments lead to creative, sustainable and innovative solutions. In this way Jan De Nul Group delivers results that produce satisfied customers. Not only today, but also tomorrow.

Worldwide, Jan De Nul Group executes dredging and land reclamation projects from start to finish.

  • Land reclamation
  • Port infrastructure works
  • Coastal and shore protection
  • Dredging
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Our activities ensure that shipping traffic is possible. We maintain the depth of rivers and canals, expand existing ports and build new ones. By strengthening and extending coastlines, we protect life on land. We offer clients creative and innovative customised solutions and can vouch for their design, execution and maintenance.

Jan De Nul Group has an in-house multidisciplinary engineering division that can execute and follow up all types of project and equipment design. These in-house engineering capabilities enable us to be an all-in partner for our clients, from well ahead of the start of a project up to its complete execution. It gives us the edge to design tools and installations ourselves.

We already completed prestigious projects across the world such as the construction of a second runway for the airport of Brisbane in Australia, the nature-based solutions in front of the coast of Texel in The Netherlands or the construction of the second Suez Canal in Egypt.


Jan De Nul Group sets itself ambitious sustainability goals. Our Code Zero awareness programme brings together all our sustainable initiatives from the 10 focus areas. Our ambitions in this are clear:

  • Zero emissions: We actively reduce our ecological footprint.
  • Zero accidents: We are committed to a safe working environment, always and everywhere.
  • Zero breaches: We do not tolerate ethical or social infringements.
  • Zero waste: We look for circular solutions and ways to reduce our waste.

Code Zero is not a starting point for Jan De Nul Group, it is the route we have been taking for years. Now we are shifting up a gear. We go for zero! For a better future!

Our Philosophy: Imagine Think Act

Every employee at Jan De Nul Group works every day according to our ITA philosophy. Good preparation and operational control are key to our success. It is in our nature to work in this way. Quality, safety, improved processes and satisfied stakeholders: these things matter! With a no-nonsense mentality and in cooperation with our clients, partners and subcontractors, we all pursue the same objective.


Jan De Nul Group has a versatile and modern fleet of dredging and offshore installation vessels as a result of a determined investment policy in own equipment. Most of them are designed or improved internally. A very diverse fleet ensures that we can offer the ideal mix for realising any project.

The fleet includes a number of large dredging vessels and multipurpose installation vessels:

  • A powerful cutter fleet, including Willem van Rubroeck, the largest cutter dredger in the world, with a total installed diesel power of 41,346 kW.
  • An impressive hopper fleet, including the identical Cristóbal Colón and Leiv Eiriksson, with a hopper capacity of 46,000 m³.
  • State-of-the-art Ultra-Low Emission vessels (ULEv’s), the first to receive the new Bureau Veritas ultra-low emissions notation.

The new generation of Jan De Nul Group vessels is ready for a sustainable future. The engines of our Ultra-Low Emission vessels (ULEv’s) are equipped with state-of-the-art exhaust gas treatment systems: a catalyst renders nitrogen oxides harmless whereas a soot filter blocks even the tiniest particles. In this way, we extract up to 99% of the number of dust particles from exhaust gases.


Motivated maritime personnel will enjoy our pleasant working environment. The newest technologies, spacious and modern living areas and ditto recreational and media facilities on board provide a challenging working environment. Together with other colleagues, a pleasant working atmosphere is created. A holiday schedule of ‘6 weeks working, 6 weeks off’ and a good salary complete our offer.

“We enhance the lives of people, connect communities and improve infrastructure worldwide, through unique and innovative solutions.”

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  • Number of employees: 6.267
  • Sector: Civil, Offshore, Dredging, Maritime, Wind
  • Preferred educational level: Hbo
  • Field of study: Nautical
  • Preferred education: Nautical
  • Career level: Student, Starter, Young professional
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