Koole Terminals

Reliable and continously innovating

Koole is a Dutch international storage and transport company that provides logistical solutions for vegetable oils and fats/waxes/base oils/chemicals & oleochemicals. The secret behind its successful business management is simple: courage and entrepreneurship. The competence and dedication of the staff is also a crucial element of Koole’s success. Along with first-rate materials and flexible facilities, they create a reliable company.

Koole has a fleet of 11 inland vessels and 3 seagoing vessels.

The inland vessels sail throughout the Netherlands and transport various types of oils and fats for various (international) customers. These ships, like our seagoing vessels, sail under the Dutch flag. The inland fleet is distinguished by an entire Dutch fleet and the possibilities for working on various vessels within the Koole shipping company.

Our seagoing vessels mainly sail in Western Europe waters and have Dutch management staff.

Curious about the possibilities on our fleet? www.werkenbijkoole.com

Facts about
  • Number of employees: 600
  • Sector: Inland shipping, Chemicals, Ports, Logistics, Shipping
  • Preferred educational level: Mbo, Hbo, Wo bachelor, Wo master
  • Career level: Student, Starter (< 3 years), Young professional (3-5 years), Professional (5-10 years)
  • Preferred education: Maritiem, Technisch, Logistiek
  • Open vacancies: Go to: werkenbijkoole.com