Rotterdam World Gateway

Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) is the world's most automated and innovative container terminal. In the Port of Rotterdam, RWG gives a new international meaning to the container handling, making it the logistics gateway to Europe. Seamless access to Europe is what RWG stands for: a seamless transit of containers from all over the world to consumers and businesses in Europe.

Sustainability and safety are important to us

At RWG, we do things differently. We are young, efficient and work hard with a Rotterdam mentality. We do not lose track of safety and sustainability while doing so. We offer our customers 24/7 safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable container handling in the port of Rotterdam, the most important transit port in Europe.

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Safe, reliable and yet efficient through innovation

Safety is deeply rooted in all aspects of our terminal and business operations: the safety of employees and visitors but also of containers and cargo and our processes and systems. Thanks to the high level of automation and the separation between people and operational processes, risks are limited to an absolute minimum. Container handling at RWG is not only safe but also extremely reliable. We have developed the RWGServices website and application to give all market parties continuous insight into real-time operational data such as handling times, terminal and container status. This is how we optimise operational and logistical efficiency for all stakeholders. RWG always anticipates changing markets and the wishes of all stakeholders. Our processes and technologies can only improve by continuous innovation. RWG lives up to its position as a global terminal thanks to our high degree of innovation. Now and in the future.

Sustainable operations and working environment

The environment is important to us and RWG is a leader in terms of sustainability. We believe that today’s investments should never be at the expense of tomorrow’s quality of life. We are aware of the fact that we are not only part of Maasvlakte 2 and the port of Rotterdam, but also of the Netherlands. This is why we look beyond the boundaries of the port and always look for dialogue with local residents, city councils, interest groups and companies.

People and the environment are paramount to our business and we do everything we can to reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum. Our cranes and vehicles run on electricity, which comes fully from green energy sources. We also generate our own energy. Besides our sustainable operations, we value creating environmental awareness among our employees. RWG is a paperless terminal; we strive to reduce plastic and paper consumption to a minimum and we separate all our waste.  

RWG is ready for the future

Innovation is an important pillar of RWG. The RWG terminal was developed with an eye on the future. Thanks to a water depth of 20 metres, today’s and future generation of Ultra Large Container Ships can be handled without any limitations and very efficiently. The high level of automation makes RWG not only sustainable, efficient and safe, but also extremely innovative. 

Fully electric and digital

The fully electric RWG terminal has a high level of automation and a capacity of 2,350,000 TEU per year. The ships at our quay are unloaded and loaded by our semi-automatic quay cranes, that are monitored and adjusted by our remote operators. The internal container transport between the quay and the storage area is taken care of by our fully electric and automated  vehicles (AGVs). In the yard, 50 Automatic Stacking Cranes handle the temporary storage of containers. The containers continue their journey from the temporary storage area to the hinterland using barge, train or truck, for which our terminal has dedicated handling processes. About 65% of the hinterland containers at RWG continue their journey to their final destination by barges and trains instead of by truck in order to minimise the impact on the environment.

Our information processes have been digitised as much as possible to ensure the quality of our services. Our previously mentioned portal, RWGServices, is a good example of this. All information is handled through Portbase, the Port Community System of the port of Rotterdam. Information always precedes the container, which results in a logistic flow for all terminal users which is as efficient as possible.

“We believe that today’s investments should never be at the expense of tomorrow’s quality of life.”

Facts about
  • Number of employees: 250
  • Sector: Ports, Training & education
  • Preferred educational level: Mbo, Hbo
  • Field of study: Automation, Technical, Engineering
  • Preferred education: Maritime, Mechanical Engineer, Automation, IT, Engineering
  • Carrièrefase: Starter,Young Professional, Professional
  • Openstaande functies: Technical Specialist Electrical Engineer, IT Desktop Engineer, Remote Operator, Database Administrator (SQL)