Enduro Softslings BV

Stand 1.736

Enduro Softslings is a developer and manufacturer of heavy duty softslings used worldwide in on- and offshore industry for all kinds of (heavy) lifting operations. Enduro Softslings manufactures slings with working load limits up to a 1000 tons, and provides a full range of standard and special made softslings that suits your applications. Enduro Softslings can support your operation with HMPE (Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) slings, with extreme small length tolerances, wear-pads, corner protection and many more. Our slings are extremely tough, abrasion resistant, low in weight and easy to handle. This results in a safer and ergonomically working environment and saves valuable time. With the greatest attention to detail and an obsessive drive to innovate and improve, Enduro softslings stands for quality and efficiency. We look forward adding value to your project with the delivery of softslings and providence of inspection and repair at our facility or on-site.