Schmitt Anchors & Chaincables

Stand 1.529

With a history dating back to 1862 Schmitt Anchors & Chaincables has developed into a worldwide supplier of a wide range of anchors, chaincables and accessories. We maintain a stock of nearly 7000 Tons. A 24 hour worldwide service can be offered for new and used anchors and other marine supplies. Schmitt cooperates with reliable partners for transportation by road, sea or air. Schmitt has a workboat and crew that can assist on every occasion. Ports such as Amsterdam, Antwerp and Ghent can be easily covered by our service team, as well as our home-base of Rotterdam of course. In case hot-work is not allowed, Schmitt uses an hydraulic sawing machine for disconnecting existing chains or shackles. Furthermore we can provide you with an excellent price for the scrap chain/anchors. The weighing can be done after the installation of the anchor/chains has taken place and the amount for the scrap will be credited on the final invoice. We have LRS approved welding procedures for crown shackles, M+F swivels and towing chains. Also do not hesitate to contact us for deliveries in China, Singapore or the USA. Schmitt Anchors & Chaincables, partner in solving problems since 1862.