Stephenson Operations

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With our roots deeply planted in the Offshore and Energy industry, Stephenson Operations (SA) is the service provider of choice in the fields of crewing, secondment, recruitment and international payroll. Founded in 2017, SA is key supplier to energy leaders who trust us with the delivery of their projects.
Starting from deck technicians, we complement our offer with highly skilled project leaders like project engineers, project management and sales managers. Full service concept including training, travel, visa, payment.
SA recruits for:
– Subsea Operations (ROV operations, IRM, subsea inspection, pipeline and cable trenching, diving operations);
– Steel, Fabrication and Offshore Construction Projects (Pipe-lay and cable-lay projects, dredging and land reclamation projects, jacket installation, OWF development, foundations);
– Survey (Geotechnical inspection and site characterization, CPT operations, geophysical surveys, positioning and navigation, pipe-lay and cable-lay survey, depth of burial operations, seismic).