Energiekontor Sells Nordergründe Offshore Wind Farm to wpd

Energiekontor Sells Nordergründe Offshore Wind Farm to wpd

The Energiekontor AG, based in Bremen, has agreed today with the Bremen project developer wpd on the sale of an offshore wind farm, the Nordergründe. The buyer is a subsidiary of wpd Offshore GmbH.

The Nordergründe offshore wind farm will comprise 18 wind turbines of the REpower 6M type, and will be built at a nearshore location of Jade-Weser estuary. Transmission grid operator TenneT TSO GmbH is responsible for the power supply. The construction of the onshore grid route is largely complete. Construction and commissioning of the wind farm are expected to take place in 2016.

Taking into account the accrued costs of the development and start-up costs for the project since 1999, the project sale resulted with a loss of EUR 2-3 million.

Nevertheless, due to the implementation of other projects, the Board of Energiekontor expects a positive year and a significantly higher net income than in the previous year.


Press Release, September 6, 2013