GeoSea’s Goliath Returned Back to Base

GeoSea's Goliath Returned Back to Base

Recently GeoSea’s owned jumbo jack up platform Goliath returned back to base port after installing 120 tubular piles for the offshore wind farm Borkum (formely known as Borkum West II) during the worst meteorological months of the year.

The German Bight is renowned for its potentially harsh wave and weather conditions which make offshore construction extremely challenging especially during the winter season.

The Trianel owned offshore wind farm Borkum is one of the first large-size offshore wind farms in the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the North Sea. Covering an area of 56 km2, the wind farm is situated about 45 km off the northern coast of the island of Borkum and directly adjacent to Alpha Ventus, Germany’s first offshore wind farm. Once completed, the turbines will generate a total output of 200MW, enough to provide some 200,000 households with green electricity. The wind farm will deliver its first electricity to the German grid by the end of 2012.

GeoSea’s pre-piling methodology, which was firstly developed and successfully executed for the Ormonde and Thornton Bank offshore wind farm projects, was further developed for the project specific requirements of the OWF Borkum. This evolved technology has enabled GeoSea not only to install the tubular piles within tight installation tolerances but also measure and thereby prove the same using an innovative metrology system. This highly accurate metrology system enabled GeoSea to execute quality control without any diving or ROV operations.

In the run up to the pre-piling activities the Goliath went through a complete make-over to enable the pre-piling methodology which included constructing a giant moonpool, installing a new 400 metric ton pedestal crane and fitting a fully geared piling template beneath the hull. This transformed the Goliath into a powerful pre-piling machine perfectly fitted for its challenging job.

The completion of pre-piling works has paved the way for the installation of tripod foundation structures and subsequent grouting works which are planned to take place from May 2012 onwards.

Following the completion of the pre-piling scope GeoSea will continue to provide logistics and installation services to Trianel on wind farm Borkum which includes grouting works, wind turbine component logistics and wind turbine installation of 5 MW Areva wind turbines.

Offshore Nieuws Staff, April 09, 2012; Image : deme


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