Germany Opens Its Largest Offshore Terminal

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Germany Opens Its Largest Offshore Terminal

After two years of construction the second offshore port terminal in Cuxhaven was opened on Monday by the Minister President of Lower Saxony, David McAllister. , Two additional berths were built on an area of twelve acres within the EUR 65 million project framework.

With an overall length of 736 meters, the easternmost berth wharf 9, offers multipurpose port facilities for loading and unloading of transport ships, pontoons and lift platforms, but also serves as an anchorage for floating cranes and tugboats. A heavy-duty road that connects all the berths in Cuxhaven consistently together enables barrier-free hard-loadable transport directly from the production site to the quay. Large industrial and commercial areas are located directly behind the two offshore terminals.

 Dr. Andreas Schmidt, CEO of Port Economic Community stated: “With the expansion of the offshore terminal II Cuxhaven takes a leading position in Europe as a base port for offshore wind farms in the North Sea. The port facilities provide excellent infrastructure requirements for new industrial development and strengthen the position of Cuxhaven companies that operate as service providers or suppliers to the offshore wind industry. “

Press Release, October 15, 2012

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