Interview with CEOs of Tocardo and DMEC

Our Offshore Energy 2020 event host, Eva Brouwer, had a quick sit down with Andries van Unen, CEO of Tocardo Tidal Power, and Britta Schaffmeister, CEO of Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC), to discuss the latest in marine energy and the potential this industry holds for the future energy grid mix.

During the interview, the potential of marine energy was discussed and how the various solutions available in that industry (tidal, wave, salinity gradient, floating solar) can complement the diversification of the energy grid mix.

“There is a place for every technology within the whole system. There are several resources in the ocean. If we join forces, we can actually make an impact, instead of competing with each other”, van Unen said.

Britta Shaffmeister added: “Marine energy technologies are very important to accelerate the energy transition, because we now have a lot of solar and wind power, but we also have challenges to balance the grid.

“Marine energy, as it is predictable – like tidal energy, but also salinity gradient – can be available 24/7. It will actually deliver a baseload, so then we can go to 2050 to have a carbon-free renewable energy mix”.

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