KD Marine to Complete Work at Marathon Oil’s East Brae Platform

KD Marine to Complete Work at Marathon Oil's East Brae Platform

KD Marine announces that they will be completeing work for Marathon Oil UK LLC in September. The contract is to carry out subsea work on Marathon Oil’s East Brae platform in the North Sea.

KD Marine will use their custom built Daughter Craft, which will be launched from a larger support vessel, to move into various positions under the platform where a crew will dive to -15 metres to carry out observation and renovation work.

The work is not possible from a Diving Support Vessel, so the Daughter Craft is used, so that it can manouvre into areas under the platform.

Hamish Petersen, KD Marine Managing Director, said: “We are delighted that Marathon Oil have chosen us to do this project for them. We were chosen for this project as we possess expertise in this area in addition to having premium custom built equipment which will allow us to complete this job in a safe and efficient manner”.

Press Release, Septembar 11, 2012