MT Højgaard to Speak at Conference on OWT Foundations

MT Højgaard to Speak at Conference on OWT Foundations

On 4 July MT Højgaard will be sharing their knowledge from their latest study on the foundation types XL-monopiles and jackets seen from an EPCI perspective.

The presentation includes the analysis on cost and risks related to the two types of foundation. Furthermore the design, fabrication and installation process will be discussed and a cost comparison between XL monopiles and jackets will round off the presentation.

“MT Højgaard has developed a monopile and jacket concept that is suitable for 6 MW turbines and applicable to water depths down to 35 metres, and during this work we have identified an untapped potential for XL monopiles”, says Kim R Andersen, Offshore director at MT Højgaard.

MT Højgaard will present the findings from this work at the conference.

The conference is the 3rd of the kind and is targeted representatives from the foundation fabrication industry, wind farm owners, installation contractors, turbine manufactures and foundation designers.

Press Release, July 3, 2013