Offshore Renewables Can Benefit Marine Wildlife

Offshore Renewables Can Benefit Marine Wildlife

Offshore renewables projects would not negatively affect marine wildlife and can even benefit some sea species, Martin Attrill, director of Plymouth University Marine Institute and Friends of the Earth says in his new report.

In the study, Mr. Attrill has taken into account the biodiversity impact of offshore energy projects, including offshore wind, wave and tidal energy technologies, to prove wrong those opposing to the deployment of renewable energy devices off the UK’s coastline, businessGreen news site writes.

For instance, birds and bats collide less with offshore wind turbines than with the ones on land. Deployment of the devices could lessen destructive fishing activities in protected areas, while offshore wind turbines could attract new sea inhabitants by serving as a reef.

What is interesting is that the study has shown that the impact on marine wildlife made by offshore renewables would be considerably lower than the damage, which could be done by rising sea levels caused by climate change.

Press Release, November 22, 2012