Ship Simulator 2008 Pro Edition used for professional DP training

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, June 6th 2008 – After successfully launching Ship Simulator 2008 in September 2007, Serious Game and Simulation developer VSTEP has now finished its professional version, Ship Simulator 2008 Professional. This professional version is an upgraded and expanded version of the Ship Simulator, bringing added functionality to the product and giving professional users the option to interface with conventional navigation equipment, like electronic charts, speed meters, and even an advanced system for Dynamic Positioning. Users of the professional version can track their vessel position, speed and direction on a professional electronic sea chart. Professionals and maritime students taking a Dynamic Positioning Operations training course can now visualise and evaluate the results of their DP manoeuvring actions directly onscreen and in the game, including the option to connect to a large HDTV monitor or display, enhancing realism and learning value.

Ship Simulator Pro 2008 provides significant benefits to maritime professionals and equipment resellers:

1. Navigation equipment manufacturers and resellers can demonstrate their products live in action in showrooms and at exhibitions. This interactive tool facilitates product demonstrations, allowing visitors to steer ships in the game while tracking its course on the electronic sea chart display.
2. Maritime institutes can teach their students the principles of navigation and DP operations in an interactive and compelling way.

The interface to the professional equipment was partly funded by the Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz Terschelling and Praxis Automation Technology. The institute uses Praxis’ DP system as part of their Dynamic Positioning Program.

Marcel Krijnen, System Developer at the institute: “At our institute we have a range of different DP systems for training purposes. Previously it was possible to use only one type of these systems in combination with visualization (seeing what is really happening outside). Because of this combination training becomes more realistic and learning objectives are better to achieve.
To provide other types of DP systems with a visual system we were looking for a low cost, flexible solution. For this we contacted VSTEP and Praxis Automation. VSTEP because of their successful Ship Simulator application and Praxis Automation because we use their DP system for training. Within a month both companies created a generic (NMEA) interface, which now makes it possible to manoeuvre a ship in Ship Simulator using the Praxis Automation DP system.”.

VSTEP’s Technical Director, Pjotr van Schothorst: “We are very proud of this new product, which convincingly shows how computer games can become valuable and quality training applications. This new product is the first of a series of new products we are developing for the professional maritime and offshore sector.”

The combination of the Ship Simulator 2008 Professional and the Praxis DP system was successfully demonstrated live at the Offshore Symposium, organized by the Willem Barentsz Institute on May 23rd 2008 . A short video recording can be seen here:


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