Shipyard De Hoop Celebrates 10 Years of Shipbuilding for Oceanografia

In 2001, Shipyard De Hoop designed, built and delivered its first ship to Mexican shipping company Oceanografía. The Caballo De Mar was a diving support vessel to be used for inspection, maintenance and repair. In the years that followed, De Hoop developed another seven diving support vessels for Oceanografía, with varying functional requirements.

In addition, Shipyard De Hoop designed and built two platform supply vessels, exactly in accordance with Oceanografía’s wishes and requirements, as well as four mud and drilling assistance vessels, all with their own unique design. The last two mud vessels, the Caballo Xanthus and Caballo Genitor, are currently being built at the yards in Lobith and Foxhol according to the KISS design principle. The Caballo Xanthus was in fact launched successfully at Lobith earlier this week.

Ten years after the launch of Caballo De Mar, and having built a total of 16 ships for Oceanografía, Shipyard De Hoop is again discussing a whole new series of vessels for this valued customer.

Over the past ten years, Shipyard De Hoop not only built the vessels for Oceanografía, but also designed them. As a result, the two companies have developed a very close relationship, one that is based on mutual trust. The extensive technical experience built up over the years and the in-house availability of all disciplines ensure that De Hoop has a clear overview of the entire construction process of the ship, with the designs seamlessly matching all functional requirements. De Hoop’s designs are always ‘fit for duty’ – nothing more and nothing less. This has proven to be a cost-efficient and highly successful formula for Oceanografía, and Shipyard De Hoop is looking forward to continuing this fruitful relationship into the next decade and beyond.


Oceanografía is the biggest offshore shipping company in Mexico. Its main customer is the Mexican state oil company PEMEX. The main activity of these vessels is supplying and maintaining the construction activities on oil rigs and oil-related infrastructure, both above and below water-level. De Hoop’s association with Mexico goes back many years, starting in the 1960s, when De Hoop built tugs and oil tankers for PEMEX. This was followed by many diving support ships and supply vessels for Oceanografía.

 Shipyard De Hoop

Shipyard De Hoop is a Dutch designer and builder of custom-built vessels. These include both sea-going vessels and those for inland waterways. Designing and building a completely new ship calls for an innovative and creative approach – and a good nose for the latest developments and possibilities. This is what sets De Hoop apart from the competition. Shipyard De Hoop’s order book is well-filled, and the company has grown substantially in recent years. De Hoop operates from two yards: De Hoop Lobith in the east of the Netherlands (10.5 hectares and 130 staff) and De Hoop Foxhol in the north of the country (2.5 hectares and 65 staff). The Lobith yard has two slipways, the largest of which measures 200m x 60m. De Hoop has its own engineering department as well as in-house expertise in all the disciplines required to build a complete vessel. This means that De Hoop is able to offer rapid delivery and a high degree of flexibility and quality.


Source: maritimebyholland, October 19, 2011;