Successful Work on London Array

Successful Work on London Array

As the largest consented offshore windfarm to date, London Array is also the largest generator management project to date, and CWind has been working closely with Siemens and EP Tools since January 2012, offering a complete generator management service – installation, commissioning, servicing, maintain/repair and refuelling for all the EP Tools supplied generators on site, currently standing at 154 units.

 To date, there has been a zero failure rate on the generators and NO extended down time due to parts replacement or lack of fuel.

Generator deployment during the construction phase is vital to provide power for services such as light, de-humidfying, elevator and general commissioning tasks. These need to be managed with generators transported and lifted onto each turbine which then require maintenance, servicing and refuelling as well as lifting off and transporting back. This all needs to be done safely and effectively, with minimal downtime.

The size of this generator management project has required CWind to deliver in a number of areas: Close working with teams at Siemens and at the generator company EP Tools. CWind makes sure that every generator has a detailed history and service log, right down to current fuel and expected running time. The detailed log for each generator ensures services schedules are always met, and so far 965 services have been carried out since January (an average of six a day!). Re-fuelling is also critical to keep the units operating and not one has run dry of fuel. An effective refuelling system is also in place to secure against spillages. The management process is made possible, not just by the management, systems and trained technicians but by the CWind fleet of CTruk 20T workboats that are used as re-fuelling (and support) vessels. With a 15,000 litre diesel storage tank and 20 tonne payload these robust workboats can carry more and do more than conventional workboats, yet due to the lightweight composite construction have a fuel consumption around half that of a comparative alloy vessel. Up to 6 generators can be transported at one time on these flexible workboats.

CWind service teams always travel with spares for the generators so that servicing / maintenance opportunities are maximised. When a problem does surface on a generator CWind employs a ‘fast-response’ attitude to rectifying faults. Even major engine failure scenarios can be dealt with in under 24 hours – And always with qualified and conscientious technicians trained by CWind’s training arm – the NWFTC (National Wind Farm Training Centre).

CWind has developed systems that have worked exceptionally well at London Array but are totally scaleable for even larger projects. Also working at Lincs windfarm on a generator management project the company has two other generator projects it is assessing for clients. CWind constantly seeks to deliver effective, streamlined one-stop solutions for all its clients to ensure every project is as successful as London Array.


Press Release, January 13, 2013