1 Are we looking for you?
You will be involved in our project team as Project engineer working together in a team of young professionals with a variety of backgrounds. Your main focus will be on the engineering and building management of our Hull Vanes and related products. To work on your technical experience, we assure you will be frequently involved in many Hull Vane® projects, for a great variety of vessels, in different stages of the project. The different stages of the project involve the design, integration following the building process and presence at the sea trials.

The biggest quality you have to bring to the team is a Passion for the improvement of Ship Performance. Next to this it is a pre if you have experience with structural design work, you can read and interpret the results of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis, are up to speed with Autodesk software and Rhino packages: if not we are able to get you up to speed with an in-house and on-project training!

At Hull Vane BV we work together to achieve the highest level in our deliveries as possible. To achieve this, we believe communication is key: communication between the members of our complementary team, the multiple in house disciplines and most of all the external clients and/or co-makers. Where we strive towards market changing applications we believe we have to work together to achieve the same goal, the most efficient and comfort improving Hull Vane® possible.

In short, we are looking for a Project-Engineer who doesn’t scare away from a challenge, is a communicative team player and like to widen his/her general experience without losing the focus for the overall project! Are you a project Engineer and are you looking for a new challenge? Then please get in touch!

2 Are you looking for us?
Hull Vane BV currently designs and builds four devices to improve ship performance and seakeeping. Our patented Hull Vane® is a hydrodynamic, wing-shaped appendage available in two custom versions – our fixed and active wing models. For smaller yachts, we’ve also developed a semi-custom version. The Hull Vane® has proven particularly effective on medium-speed displacement vessels, such as superyachts, naval ships, patrol vessels, passenger ships, offshore supply vessels, ro-ro ships and certain container ships. And our fourth device is the Foil Assist – specially designed for fast-planing yachts.

This makes that within Hull Vane BV many different types of yachts and vessels are optimised and outfitted with a hydrofoil.

Our team consists of sales and project managers with a strong connection to engineering. We believe the best results come from a well-balanced mix of backgrounds, ages, experience levels and nationalities.

To monitor and work on your professional growth we work with Function profiles & Competences on several levels for various career paths. Internally allowing you to grow from Junior towards Senior Specialist or Project Lead. Aside of the technical team the Board of Directors are managing the colleagues responsible for PR, marketing, sales, office management, administration and finances.

At Hull Vane BV we work hard towards a common goal: continuous improvement, high efficiency applications and sustainable products. We do this in an open and communicative work environment where we actively encourage all team members to share their ideas and participate in design challenges.

To keep the team spirit high, we have party committee in place to ensure several company events are organised each year. We also spontaneously come together for a shared lunch, go for a walk during your break or go for an after work drink.

We are looking for a candidate;

  • Who completed a maritime-engineering post-secondary college with high potential, or
  • Has a bachelor’s degree in Maritime Technologies.
  • Has preferably at least 3 years of experience in a relevant position.
  • Is familiar with CAD software and preferably specific software such as AutoCAD and Rhino.
  • That is responsible, creative and flexible and has good communication skills.
  • Is able to work both in a team and as an individual.
  • Is fluent in spoken and written English.

Depending on your experience, you will start your work as a junior member of our team. You will be required to carry out and take the lead in our projects.

For this job opening we are looking for a colleague for 32 – 40 hours per week, with a salary fitting your level of experience, regulated flexible working hours and annually 25 holidays in addition to the Dutch national holidays.

If you have any questions and/or like to apply for this opportunity, please send your motivation letter and curriculum vitae to [email protected] and/or call the office on +31 (0) 317 425 818

Recruitment by commercial agencies in relation to this vacancy is not appreciated.