Function: 1 Junior + Senior Simulator Operator(s)

Department: Trainings and Assessments


Position in the organisation

The simulator operator will be working under the supervision of the Manager Technical, Manager Trainings and Manager Applied Research. The primary duty of the Simulator Operator is to provide support to teachers and instructors of Simwave or for clients when they train, assess or carry out applied research on simulators.


Aim of the position

Essential element of the position is to prepare and maintain the highest technical standards for training, assessments and applied research in order that the simulators are ready when needed and the trainers and clients can use the didactical infrastructure including the E-boards and other tools at all times.


simulators are used for bridge, engine room, maritime communication, dynamic positioning and liquid cargo training, assessments and applied research. Prior to a simulator session the simulators and the (de)briefing infrastructure should be working flawless. On request of the teacher/instructor scenarios should be directly uploaded and ready and if necessary the simulator operator supports the training during the execution of a simulator run. Specialisation on the main lines of activities of the centre in bridge/navigation/cargo and engine room/high voltage is depending on the team and necessities.



Tasks and responsibilities General

  • Maintaining simulators and/or other training devices and training infrastructure to regulatory, suppliers and company standards, ensuring that they are ready and fit for use;
  • Support teachers, instructors and client with optimal preparation and use of training devices in order to reach the maximum desired result;
  • Operate either the bridge as engine room simulator during training sessions, running exercises, introducing occurrences according to instructions of the trainer, to achieve the learning objectives of the session;
  • Carry out preventive maintenance functions including up-dates from suppliers;
  • Conducting troubleshooting and corrective first line maintenance on training devices;
  • Ensuring that documentation procedures and simulator logbooks are up to date;
  • Discuss and invest in innovations in handling the tasks within this position;
  • Support management with relevant information (e.g. statistics, non- conformity reports, improvement proposals etc.) primarily based on the simulator log system;
  • When requested or needed support the communication with clients, staff and other stakeholders;
  • Conducting troubleshooting, monitoring and communication with Kongsberg;


Quality, health and safety, and environment

  • Ensures that the Quality, Safety and Environmental Policy is respected in accordance with National and International legislations and the Company requirements.
  • Stays informed with updates in companies procedures and suppliers manuals;
  • Ensuring that documentation procedures and simulator logbooks are up to date;
  • Weekly back-up of the simulator scenarios;
  • Scenarios development to the client/managers satisfaction;
  • Keep track of simulators spare parts (inventory);
  • Is authorised to seek approval for taking all necessary measures in order to realise objectives of the training, assessments and applied research.


Skills & Requirements

  • Relevant nautical or engineering education;
  • Affinity with training and education;
  • Proficiency with Windows
  • Minimal of 3 years’ experience as a simulator operator or equivalent in the maritime industry;
  • Proven track record in bridge, engine room and liquid cargo simulators, preferably KONGSBERG systems (K-Sim);
  • Establish a good working relationship with clients and the management;
  • Team player with a flexible approach;
  • Be quality conscious, service minded and creative;
  • Able to build strong working relationships with stakeholders;
  • Fluent in English- both verbal and written



  • Flexible approach;
  • Service minded;
  • Creative;
  • Situational awareness;
  • Coping with stress;
  • Process monitoring;
  • Information analysis;
  • Teamwork.


How to apply?

If you are interested to become our new Junior/Senior Simulator Operator, we encourage you to send a covering letter and CV to our COO Andrea Trevisan, [email protected] For questions, you can send an e-mail to [email protected]