Pon Power

We take care of it

Pon Power has been the official dealer of Caterpillar engines in the Netherlands since 1926. This partnership is characterised by the development of new technologies and sustainability.

Caterpillar engines and systems enjoy global renown as the total solution for efficient conversion and control of power. Whether this concerns vessel propulsion, machinery, a generator or emergency generator, or a complete cogeneration plant, with Caterpillar you have a solid top quality product.

In turn, Caterpillar also relies on quality: it has relied on Pon Power as dealer in the Netherlands for over 90 years. That’s why Pon Power has received platinum dealer status from Caterpillar.

Caterpillar, built for it

Caterpillar: everyone’s heard of them. Originally an American company, it is now a global market leader in construction and mining machinery, diesel and gas engines, industrial turbines, generator sets and cogeneration plants. Where real work is done, you’ll find Caterpillar. The dealer network, which Pon Power is part of, extends across all corners of the globe and comprises companies that are selected according to the highest standards. The international Caterpillar community now numbers some 100,000 employees. A fantastic brand and a fantastic network.

Pon Power as maritime specialist

Pon Power is a household name in the shipping industry, from ocean-going to inland shipping and from fishing to yacht building. Purchasers include internationally-operating shipyards, dredging companies and oil companies with offshore activities. Pon Power has also established special teams in order to provide these sub-markets with the right services. The added value of Pon Power is that customers can rely on excellent support throughout an engine’s lifespan. The close relationship with satisfied customers is further underlined by the fact that they are kept informed about the latest developments and about maintenance and overhaul possibilities. A new product line was introduced in early 2017: Cat Propulsion. This comprises rudder propellers, thrusters and control systems and enables us to offer customers total propulsion solutions.

And that’s not all

With over 170 service engineers and several service locations in the Netherlands, customised concepts, optimum availability of parts and an international Cat dealer network, customers across the world can rely on Pon Power to stick to its promise: We take care of it!

Pon, a well-know name

Pon Power has formed part of Pon Holdings since 2003. Pon started a century ago with the import of bicycles, cars and tyres. As family company it has now expanded to become a multinational with over 13,000 employees in more than 30 countries. The Pon world comprises the most beautiful cars, the strongest earth-moving machinery, the fastest bicycles, the most powerful ship engines, the smartest customised systems and the best tools. We work across the world with producers such as Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Caterpillar, MAN, and Continental, as well as with our own bicycle brands Gazelle, Cervélo and Focus.

Pon Power as employer

Working for Pon Power means working for a strong brand at one of the Top Employers in the Netherlands, where technology is central!

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Facts about
  • Number of employees: 400
  • Sector: Inland shipping, Dredging, Yacht building, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Suppliers, Shipping
  • Gewenst opleidingsniveau: Mbo, Hbo
  • Carrièrefase: Student, Starter (< 3 years), Young professional (3-5 years), Professional (5-10 years), Senior professional (>10 years)
  • Open vacancies: https://www.pon-cat.com/nl/over-ons/werken-bij-pon-cat