Royal IHC

The Technology Innovator

We are Royal IHC (IHC), a reliable supplier of innovative and efficient equipment, vessels and services for the offshore, dredging and wet mining markets. We enable our clients to carry out complex maritime projects from the sea surface to the ocean floor, under the most challenging conditions.

Our rich history of shipbuilding, going back to the 17th century, has given us extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of engineering and producing highperformance integrated vessels and equipment, as well as providing long-lasting and sustainable services. 

With our continuous commitment to technological innovation, we seek to always meet the specific requirements of each individual client. IHC annually spends approximately 3% of its revenue on innovation, which places us in the top 15 Dutch companies in terms of R&D. We have branches in many different countries, giving us a truly international perspective.

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Personal development

Our business culture has a strong character and is based on collaboration, openness and respect. Perseverance is also a quality that runs through the veins of our organisation. At IHC we have a total commitment to improvement and innovation. Coming to work for us does not mean you have reached your destination. At IHC you will continue to grow and learn, and your expertise will continue onwards and upwards. That is not just a promise from us, but also a commitment we ask of you. Those who demonstrate independence and a strong feeling of responsibility are given a great deal of freedom, but that doesn’t mean you will be left to fend for yourself. Where needed, you can count on us for coaching and personal supervision.

Maximum use of talent

IHC has a wealth of in-house talent. And we want to make the maximum use of it. That is why we have created development programmes. There are programmes for every level. If you have completed your preparatory secondary vocational education (VMBO) you can start at our in-house Technical Training Centre. We also have plenty of development opportunities for employees with senior secondary vocational education (MBO), higher vocational education (HBO) or a degree from a university (WO).

They can choose from the wide range of programmes, courses and other training opportunities. In addition to the development programmes, there is Young IHC. This programme of activities is especially for our young graduates to help them find their feet in our company. It makes it easy for them to get to know their colleagues in the various business units and creates a strong personal network.

Opportunities for students

Are you currently a student or have you just graduated? There are several ways for you to start a new career at IHC. We recognise the value of a strong link between industry and education, which is why ambitious students are always welcome at IHC for a traineeship or to do their graduation research. There are various options available, the choice is up to you!

If you have the talent, we have the opportunity

Are you not afraid to step off of the well-trodden path? Do you want to challenge yourself every day?

Do you seek to work on highly unique vessels, in markets that are unlike any other? If so, then IHC could be the next vibrant and diverse chapter in your career. Our impressive products and sectors are as dynamic as our international culture.

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“Let us build a career for you!”

Facts about
  • Number of employees: 2300
  • Sectors: shipbuilding & repair
  • Career level: starter, young professional, professional, trainee
  • Required level of work and thinking: mbo/hbo/wo [preparatory secondary vocational education/senior secondary vocational education/ academic higher education]
  • Desired educational background: technical
  • Desired degree programmes: mechanical engineering, marine technology, naval architecture, electrical engineering