There are yachts and there are Feadships

Based in the Netherlands and with roots dating back to 1849, Feadship is recognised as the world leader in the field of pure custom superyachts. Each Feadship is defined by its superb craftsmanship and sets the standard in every aspect of design, engineering and construction. These bespoke motoryachts are created in partnership with owners who are prepared to invest in a wonderful building experience. Each member of Feadship has a distinctive history and its own in-house disciplines and craftsmen.

Feadship is one of an elite group of yacht builders that can truly be said to create custom superyachts. Custom means starting every project literally with a blank page. It entails designing a bespoke superyacht that is entirely individual and unlike any other in the world. Seeing a Feadship leave the nest and embark on a life at sea can be a bitter-sweet moment for those who designed and built her. But the day of embarkation is not the end of the relationship.

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How far are you willing to go for perfection?

However distinctive they may be, every Feadship ever launched has something in common: an inherent quality that you can only really feel when you step onboard and which ensures the vessel holds her value. This is the end product of a perfect craftsmanship that has been passed down the generations. Traditional values are upheld in every discipline as the yards draw on an unrivalled heritage dating back to the nineteenth century. As time goes by, each Feadship sets a new benchmark for artistry and the use of technology to maximise comfort at all levels

Video: Inside Feadship
In this episode we visit Scheepswerf Slob, part of the Feadship group. How do we build a hull? How long does this take to build? And how many parts do you need for assembling?

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“There are yachts and there are Feadships”

Facts about
  • Number of employees: > 1800
  • Sectors: yacht building
  • Preferred educational level: lower vocational education, intermediate vocational education, higher vocational education, university
  • Preffered education: naval architecture , maritime engineering , mechanical engineering, marine Interior, technical other
  • Career level: student, intern, trainee, starter, young professional, professional