Online session ‘Careers in Offshore Wind’- Powered by Navingo Career

On 10 December 2020, the online session ‘Careers in Offshore Wind – Powered by Navingo Career’ takes place. Discover career opportunities and impressive projects of the companies in the sector and start connecting. Participate for free in this thematic session by the Navingo Career Event.

In Holland, the wind blows often and hard. Wind never runs out and can be used to generate electricity. Wind energy is clean. For a sustainable future, wind energy is essential. In 2030, 40% of the Dutch electricity comes from wind turbines at sea.

To achieve this, people are needed. Do you want to contribute to a green and sustainable future? And find out more about what makes a career in offshore wind so special? Participate in the online thematic session of Navingo Career: ‘Careers in Offshore Wind’ on Thursday 10 December from 14:00 till 16:00.

Working offshore is different than working onshore. Working in offshore wind doesn’t only mean jobs in technical functions in wind turbines or on a ship. Onshore, fellow workers are needed to support these people. For example as Tender Manager, Project Engineer, Planner, Procurement Manager, Electrotechnical Engineer or Maintenance Coordinator.

Online Navingo Career Event thematic session

Discover the most impressive projects of companies in the offshore wind sector during the online Navingo Career Event thematic session. Professionals tell all about what makes their job in sustainable energy so interesting. HR Managers will give you tips that help you apply with these companies. Moreover, you’ll find out more about the trainings focused on offshore wind.

Besides watching showcases and interviews, you can also get a matching interview with the participating companies. Looking for a job, graduation assignment or traineeship? Make sure you participate in the sessions so that you may get a short, one-on-one introductory interview with the companies.

One day before the event, you will receive an e-mail in your mailbox with the link that gives you access to the Online Event Platform where the live programme takes place. To get this link you need to register.

Reserve 10 December from 14:00-16:00 in your calendar. Please note that some parts of the programme will be in Dutch. The recording of the programme can also be viewed online after the session. The On Demand page of contains all the videos.

Soon you’ll find out which companies are participating in the session. If you had already registered for the Navingo Career Event on 27 and 28 October, you will receive a link in your mailbox automatically to participate in the online session.

Are you interested in a different sector or theme? In 2021 Navingo Career will organize follow up sessions. In February for example, a career session with the theme ‘Working in the Maritime Sector’ will follow.

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