VIDEO: Remko Put about Hollandse Kust Zuid

“Hollandse Kust Zuid is part of the ‘Net op Zee’-project of TenneT in which we will connect the future offshore windparks with the nationwide high voltage grid”, says Remko Put, Project leader of Hollandse Kust Zuid.

Het crane barge ‘Sleipnir’ installs the jacket for the Alpha platform of the offshore wind park Hollandse Kust Zuid. The jacket is the foundation for the topside. The transformer in the topside convert the generated electricity of the wind turbines in a higher voltage to transport to shore. The first platform for Hollandse Kust Zuid is being delivered in 2021. Remko “Borssele was a succesful project, but the intention is to make this project even more succesful because of the lessons learnt”. This video was part of the online session ‘Careers in Offshore Wind’ by Navingo Career on 10 December. Interested in a career in offshore wind and want to know the career opportunities at TenneT? Watch the entire session with interviews with specialists and impressive videos, below this video.

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‘Net op zee Hollandse Kust (zuid)’ consists of 2 platforms at sea with a capacity of each 700 MW, two 220 kV alternating current cables per platform, a new to be built transformer station on shore and the existing high voltage substation ‘De Maasvlakte’ on shore on which the wind energy at sea is connected to. The 2 connections of ‘net op zee Hollandse Kust (zuid)’, with a joint capacity of 1400 MW, will be operational in consecutive years, 2021 and 2022.

Watch the entire session ‘Careers in Offshore Wind’ by Navingo Career.

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Photo: Remko Put, Projectleider HKZ, TenneT