Navingo Career offers a matchmaking programme that is available during the online thematic sessions. This feature makes it possible for companies and jobseekers to make online appointments for a virtual 1-on-1 meeting.

After registering for the online session ‘Careers in Offshore Wind’ you will get access to our Matchmaking tool. Via this tool, it’s possible to see all participating companies and to get in touch with these companies. You can introduce yourself via the chat or you can send a proposal for a virtual introduction meeting. Because you are registered in our database, participating companies will be able to check out your profile and to connect with you.

The matchmaking system works with the latest technology so that the matching takes place based on your unique profile. By filling out the information during the registration for the Navingo Career Event, your profile will be matched to the companies who are looking for your qualifications. The information consists of: the sector you are working in, which career level you are at, in what type of job you may be interested in etc.

How can you participate?

You can participate in matchmaking by registering for one of the thematic sessions of Navingo Career. The first online session has the theme ‘Careers in Offshore Wind‘ (10 December, 2PM-4PM)

After registration you will receive an e-mail that gives you access to the system.

When you’re done, you can:

  • Schedule appointments with companies that you find interesting
  • Companies can invite you to a virtual meeting
  • Save interesting companies as favorites
  • Keep a calendar with appointments made