About heavy lift cranes with GustoMSC

One-on-one with GustoMSC’s sales and business development manager Gerben Roks on heavy lift cranes in the offshore wind industry, trends and innovations.

Courtesy of Navingo/ Screenshot

GustoMSC is mostly active in the offshore wind industry, but also in oil and gas, and is seeing an increase in focus on reducing emissions during offshore operations, Roks said.

“We see the developments in the offshore wind industry going very fast, and together with our vessel designers, we can optimize the design and provide an integrated solution on the vessel,” Roks stated.

“We are very active in the offshore wind market as a company, most of the vessels being built now are for the offshore wind market, but also if we look at those vessels, we see big attention for reducing the environmental footprint. It basically comes down to energy saving, energy storage, but also to alternative fuels.”

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