Chris Westra launches his new book at OEEC 2021

Wind energy pioneer Chris Westra, CEO of Offshore Service Facilities, has launched and presented his book Build them at sea at the Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference (OEEC) 2021.

Courtesy of Navingo/ Screenshot

“The most important message in the book is that we are now setting big steps. Wind turbines we are building now at sea are 8 MW, we go for 15 and even more megawatts, so it means we double it,” Westra said.

“In the future, in the next ten, twenty years, wind energy will be the main energy source, especially if we think about floating wind and in relation with hydrogen.”

At this year’s OEEC, Westra also held a talk about his life in the industry, how the market had developed, and what will the future of offshore wind be like in the next decades.

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