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Looking for a job? Want to know more about your future employer? Attend the adjusted edition of the Navingo Career Event! On 27 and 28 October 2020 you will meet employers from the maritime, offshore and energy sector. Discover the career opportunities with these companies, become inspired by interesting stories shared by employees and view the talkshows and showcases in the combined online programme.

Navingo Career Event

In its successful 14-year history, the Navingo Career Event (NCE) has always been Europe’s largest dedicated career event for the maritime, offshore and energy industries.

Due to the developments surrounding the corona virus, the event on 27 and 28 October will take place mostly digitally. From the comfort of your couch, your kitchen table or your desk you can participate in virtual sessions, conversations and presentations. These sessions are being live-streamed from RAI Amsterdam and can be viewed from our online Digital Event Platform. Through your free event registration, you will gain access to companies, recruiters, talkshows and more.

Become inspired!

With the adjusted event set-up, visitors of the Navingo Career Event get a good impression of both career opportunities and the overall offshore energy industry. A dynamic world in which every day is a new adventure, whether you work in sales, engineering, HR, IT, research or otherwise.

Combined with the programme of Offshore Energy you will discover national and international challenges that companies are facing and working on. Finding solutions and bringing them into practice is what this industry is about.

The programme is live-streamed from RAI Amsterdam and is in English. It is packed with interactive talkshows, company presentations and options to get in touch with their ambassadors who are ready and willing to tell you about projects, culture, personal growth and, of course, current vacancies.

Offshore Energy

Offshore Energy is a successful international B2B event for the Offshore, Energy and Renewables industries. Like NCE, it is held partially digital, partly on location on the 27 and 28 October 2020. The programme of Offshore Energy is combined with the programme of the Navingo Career Event.

Offshore Energy is a platform where the entire offshore energy industry community comes together. Offshore Energy combines events, news, print and online publications, information and more. Online, the platform has a total of 440,000+ monthly online users, 581,000+ social followers and a whopping 118,000+ newsletter subscribers. During the event, the latest innovations, newest products and services are presented by companies from the industry. As a registered visitor of the Navingo Career Event you now have the unique opportunity to join in this combined online programme.


The global employment market is currently quite turbulent; a situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Companies throughout the maritime, offshore and energy industries are experiencing a great shift in their business plans and have had to redefine their employment strategies. Of course, this has put pressure on employment and the labour market, sometimes downwards, sometimes upward. One way or another, our event offers many options for you.

Whether you are a job seeker looking urgently for your next function, a student wanting to know more about your post-graduate options or a (young) professional taking in the landscape of job opportunities, Navingo Career Event has lined up an encompassing list of people, companies and digital places to meet that you are certain to enjoy. Can’t wait? Look for a job on


The programme takes place on both days. You will meet employers and companies from the national and international maritime, offshore and energy industry. The programme consists of:

Company showcases

Showcases are presentations by industry employers and companies. They will tell you what their company stands for and what it has to offer for jobseekers. Moreover you can attend showcases of companies in the offshore energy industry presenting their latest innovations.

Live talkshows

The talkshows will cover current topics in the maritime, offshore and energy sector. Several expert speakers take part and discuss under the supervision of an experienced moderator. After each talk show there is the possibility for participants to ask questions and meet each other digitally.

Check out the talkshow: Human Capital in the Energy Transition. The energy transition is one of the biggest challenges of our time. To succeed in this transition we need to invest. In renewable technologies, infrastructure projects and, of course, human capital. A talk show about the opportunities of the energy transition.

Offshore Energy Talks

During the talk shows, a designated topic will be discussed by industry players, under the guidance of a knowledgeable facilitator. Afterwards there is the opportunity to digitally meet, discuss and ask questions.

Offshore Energy Best Innovation Award

View the awards ceremony of the Best Innovation in Offshore Energy Award on the 27th of October.

The nominations are based on 3 factors that speed up the energy transitions 1) the importance of innovation in meeting goals. 2) The achievements of new talent in the offshore energy industry. 3) The significance of an effective public awareness strategy to communicate accomplishments throughout the industry.

What’s next?

After the 27 and 28 October, more Navingo Career events will follow throughout the year. Each event will contain a specific theme. You can join one or more of these events (for free) and be informed about or discuss the topics you are interested in (examples of themes are: your study specialty, the sector you (want to) work in or the companies you are interested in that are participating).

By joining these thematic events, you will meet the companies that are looking for your specific profile. This means an even better match!

By registering for Navingo Career Event in October, you will automatically be kept up-to-date on the upcoming thematic events. The sessions will be held in an online environment or on location.


Navingo Career offers a matchmaking programme that is available as of November 2020. This feature makes it possible for companies and jobseekers to make online appointments for a virtual 1-on-1 meeting.

The matchmaking system works with the latest technology so that the matching takes place based on your unique profile. By filling out the information during the registration for the Navingo Career Event, your profile will be matched to the companies who are looking for your qualifications. The information consists of: the sector you are working in, which career level you are at, in what type of job you may be interested in etc.

You can participate in the matchmaking programme by registering for the Navingo Career Event. After registration you will receive an e-mail that gives you access to the system.

When you’re done, you can:

  • Schedule appointments with companies that you find interesting
  • Be invited to a virtual meeting by companies interested in you
  • Save interesting companies as favourites
  • Keep a calendar with appointments made.

How to participate in the Navingo Career Event?  

Register for free to visit Navingo Career Event 2020. You will receive a link in your e-mail that gives you access to Navingo Career Event in the online environment. Visit NCE and benefit from all the programme has to offer – be informed, meet companies, find jobs and network. And as an extra, you get access to Offshore Energy too! Follow the combined programmes on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 October. Sign up and we’ll see you then!