AREVA Wind Expands Its Offshore Service Base

AREVA Wind Expands Its Offshore Service Base

AREVA Wind, one of the leading manufacturers of offshore wind turbines, is expanding its offshore service base. The company has celebrated the start of the base construction in Emden, together with the City Mayor Bernd Bornemann.

The base at Emden offers the best nautical conditions for maintenance of and interference suppression for AREVA Wind M5000 turbines in the North Sea. The project was planned with the support of Emden GmbH, a 100%-owned subsidiary of the City of Emden, and will now be jointly implemented.

After the scheduled completion in early August, the base will be able to accommodate up to eight teams, each with three service vessels from AREVA Wind, in order to quickly and effectively reach the wind farms in the North Sea. There is also plenty of space available to store service and spare parts.

In addition, AREVA Wind is working together with its partner, the helicopter company HTM in Emden. This collaboration and the extended base will ensure the high technical availability of the M5000 wind turbines and will further help to reduce the cost of energy generation at sea.

The official start of the base expansion was observed with the attendance of political dignitaries and other distinguished guests.

Press Release, April 30, 2013