Bergen Group Lands Contracts to Supply Cranes for Offshore and Maritime Operations

Bergen Group Dreggen AS has this week been awarded new contracts with an aggregated value of NOK 40 million. The contracts are awarded from three different international customers, and comprise eight different crane-units for offshore and maritime operations.

The contracts will generate activity in Q4 2011 and through all 2012.

The contracts show that the Bergen Group Dreggen has managed to establish a good position in an international market with high demands for quality and reliability”, said Executive Vice President Sebjørn Madsen in Bergen Group.

Bergen Group Dreggen is supplying cranes and lifting equipment for ships and offshore industry worldwide, and the company has in the past year established sales and service units in both Brazil and Singapore.

Looking ahead, Bergen Group Dreggen still has an exciting growth potential in the Norwegian as well as in the international market, said Madsen, pointing out that that the company has almost quintupled their sales in the last five years.

Bergen Group Dreggen now has a backlog that ensures good capacity utilization through most of 2012. The company, which is a part of Bergen Group’s technology division, has over 70 employees from 15 different nationalities, and is headquartered in Bergen.

Source: Bergen Group,September 15, 2011;