DanTysk to Build Offshore Wind Farm in North Sea

DanTysk to Build Offshore Wind Farm in North Sea

DanTysk Offshore Wind GmbH, Hamburg, intends to build an offshore windfarm in the North Sea.

In the first construction phase they are planning to build 80 wind turbines with a total output of 288 MW, an offshore substation and an offshore accommodation platform. The project is located in the German Bight area, around 75 km to the west of the Island of Sylt, directly on the border between Germany and Denmark. The size of the area is approximately 71 km² with the water depth between 21 and 32 m.

The project is fully permitted with the first BSH release obtained in December 2010. The second BSH release will be submitted in several packages (turbine, tower and foundation clusterwise, substation, cable and accommodation platform). These packages will be submitted between December 2011 and approximately May 2012.

The scope of work covers the project certification for all components of the DanTysk Offshore windfarm starting after the second BSH release and covering the phases from preparation of the manufacturing until commissioning.

All the works shall be executed in accordance with the permit, the BSH standards and the first and second release. The above mentioned components are as follows:


  • 80 Wind turbine generator including tower and blades, SWT 3.6-120;
  • 80 Monopile foundations for the WTG;
  • Offshore substation on a jacket foundation;
  • Inter array cabling;
  • Offshore Accommodation Platform, most likely on a jacket foundation (to be decided).

Offshore Nieuws Staff , February 13, 2012