E.ON Begins Surveys along Proposed Rampion OWF’s Onshore Cable Route

E.ON Begins Surveys along Proposed Rampion OWF’s Onshore Cable Route

E.ON will begin survey work later this month along the proposed onshore cable route from Brooklands Pleasure Park to the proposed substation site in Twineham.

The survey will allow E.ON to plan construction of the route in more detail, whilst refining the width of the cable route. The work will also provide information on the ground conditions, such as depths of soil, and identify archaeologically sensitive areas. This data will be used to advise the best materials and construction methods, when the cable comes to be laid, subject to the wind farm gaining consent.

Chris Tomlinson, E.ON Development Manager for the project, said: “We’re grateful for the interest the local community has shown in the project and we’re keen to keep them updated on how the work is developing.

“Over the next few weeks we’ll be carrying out surveys at various sites along the cable route to help us understand the makeup of the soil and the impact construction may have on the ground. We’ll also be working to identify areas of archaeological importance by digging trenches that will enable us to plan the most appropriate monitoring and protection during construction.

“Weather permitting, the work will begin at the end of October and is expected to take six to eight weeks. We’ll be doing everything we can to lessen the impact on local people and the environment.”

If built, the wind farm could have up to 175 turbines and a capacity of 700MW which could generate enough electricity to supply the equivalent of around 450,000 homes1. A final decision on whether consent for the wind farm will be granted will be made in summer 2014.

Press Release, October 24, 2013