Feedback Period for Rampion Offshore Wind Farm Ends

Feedback Period for Rampion Offshore Wind Farm Ends

After months of public consultation events, yesterday was the last day for giving written feedback to E.ON for the Rampion offshore wind farm project, which will go before planners in October.

The company extended the consultation period to allow the public to see the environmental statement.

The wind farm, which would be located 8 miles off the coast of Shoreham, raised concerns over its visual impact on the landscape.

E.ON’s project manager Chris Tomlinson said: “In terms of the visual issue, there are those who really love the design of them and those who do not. We have to accept that’s the case.

The aesthetics of this scheme are in the eye of the beholder and with it being eight miles offshore, it’s something that will be seen.

But we could not put it any further out to sea in what are some of the busiest commercial shipping lanes in the world.

According to the Shoreham Herald, E.ON has based the project case on the necessity to meet demands of the increasing energy crisis in the UK.

Furthermore, 600 companies across the region have been recognized as potential suppliers of components and maintenance for the offshore wind farm. Also, between 60 and 85 working positions would be created in servicing the turbines.

This GBP 2 billion project is one the most ambitious in the region, with an estimated ability of supplying 450,000 households with electricity. The construction of the Rampion offshore wind farm is scheduled to begin in 2014, whereas the wind farm is expected to be operational by 2017.

Press Release, August 9, 2012; Image: fugrorenewables