Forewind Holds Series of Meetings with Dogger Bank Teesside Stakeholders

Forewind Holds Series of Meetings with Dogger Bank Teesside Stakeholders

Teesside residents, business owners and community leaders were given the opportunity to find out the latest on Dogger Bank Teesside at a series of one-to-one consultation meetings, and at briefing sessions held in late May.

Members of the Forewind team were on-hand for MP-surgery-style consultation sessions, held at venues along the Coast Road and in the village of Lazenby. Local council representatives were invited to attend a tailored briefing session summarising the project while environmental groups were also encouraged to send representatives to an ecology workshop held at the same time.

The local residents who attended the one-to-one sessions were able to highlight any concerns they had at this point in the development, while Forewind team members listened to feedback which will be incorporated into the further planning of the wind farm projects.

The events were promoted in the Spring edition of Dogger Bank News and a Forewind press release, which invited interested stakeholders to attend, prompted articles to be published in the local press including the Evening Gazette and Northern Echo.

Whilst there was a lower than anticipated interest in terms of attendee numbers, Forewind nevertheless collected valuable information related to the proposed cable route and converter station sites, as well as ideas on mitigating the potential visual impacts.

These events were just one opportunity for members of the public to comment on the Dogger Bank Teesside projects.  Later this year there will be a series of public exhibitions in Teesside which will give details of the proposals and enable input before the development consent application is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate.

Forewind does welcome feedback at any time and contact details can be found on the Contact page of Forewind’s website.

The presentation given to the council representatives at their progress meeting can also be found on Forewind’s website under the Downloads section.

Press Release, June 6, 2013