FoundOcean Awarded Haliade 150 Turbine Grouting Project

FoundOcean Awarded Haliade 150 Turbine Grouting Project

FoundOcean continues to grow its market share in the offshore renewables industry with a contract award from Alstom to grout the foundations for the first offshore trial of its 6MW Haliade 150 turbine.

The turbine will be located near Ostend, 45 km off the Belgian coast. The offshore tests will target specific marine operations and procedures. Onshore tests at full 6MW output were recently completed in France. Following this Alstom plan to produce pre series units in 2014.

 John Paul O’Sullivan is Engineering Manager at FoundOcean, and responsible for overseeing all offshore projects. He explains that the Haliade turbine will use a tried-and-tested foundation method.

“The turbine will be housed on a four-legged jacket with pins inserted into pre-driven piles. FoundOcean has completed many pre-driven pile grouting projects for offshore wind farms, including the award winning Ormonde offshore wind farm in 2010 and Thornton Bank Phases 2 and 3 in 2011.”

The project, with a client specification to use Masterflow® 9500 ultra high strength grout, will mobilise in July 2013 .

Press Release, July 1, 2013