Gardline Hydro Gets Contract from NPD for UNCLOS Survey

Gardline Hydro, an operating division of Gardline providing seabed-mapping services, has been awarded a contract by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate on behalf of the Norwegian Government.

This is under an agreement on financial and technical co-operation with seven coastal states to perform a geophysical survey of the North West African Continental Margin, to investigate the potential of extending the Continental Shelf in the area beyond the 200 nautical mile limit of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), as provided for under UNCLOS Article 76.

The survey results will help determination of the seabed morphology and sub seabed geology using multi-beam bathymetry, sub-bottom profiling, gravity, magnetic and single- and multi channel seismic techniques .

In excess of 35,000 kms data will be acquired by Gardline’s multi-role survey vessel MV Sea Surveyor, in water-depths varying from 100m to 5,500m. The work has an estimated duration of six months and is expected to complete during mid 2012.


Offshore Nieuws Staff, March 14, 2012;