ICoTA Announces Finalists for European Chapter Innovation Award

ICoTA Announces Finalists for European Chapter Innovation Award

Leading oil and gas body, the Intervention & Coiled Tubing Association (ICoTA), has announced the finalists for its prestigious European Chapter Innovation Award.

Petroleum Technology Company (PTC), Oilenco, Schlumberger, BP Exploration & Production and Red Spider have been shortlisted for the coveted prize, recognition of their success in pushing the boundaries of well intervention and coiled tubing technology.

Award entrants demonstrated how new or existing technologies have been applied in innovative ways, adding value to the industry through their ability to reduce risk, increase recovery, improve safety or minimise environmental impact.

The winner will be announced at the SPE ICoTA European Well Intervention Conference in Aberdeen on November 15, where they will be presented with a trophy. The two-day conference and exhibition, which is also being held on November 16, is a key platform for delegates to share industry best practice and pioneering technologies.

ICoTA Europe chairman, Rob Grassick, said: ‘This award really highlights the many exciting new technologies being deployed in well intervention, and the existing technologies being used in an innovative way. I am delighted by the sheer quality of entries we have once again received this year and would like to thank all entrants for their award submissions.

In order to stay at the top of the game in our industry, it is crucial to be equipped with the advanced technologies, information and industry know-how that enables us to enhance operations and reduce costs. The commitment, dedication and expertise we have seen in the entries is to be commended.

This award supports our aims of enhancing communication, gathering technical expertise and promoting safety, competency and industry accepted practices, and this year’s winner will not only be recognised at the conference in Aberdeen, but through ICoTA internationally and the wider industry.

ICoTA is a worldwide, not-for-profit, member-funded organisation active in the oil and gas industry and made up of oil and service companies. ICoTA provides a global network of professionals, engineers and technical experts across all well intervention disciplines though a series of events. Its aim is to promote the value of well intervention solutions within the oil and gas industry and to raise awareness of well intervention as a worthy discipline for new entrants.

The ICoTA European chapter is headquartered in Aberdeen.

SPE international is a large worldwide organisation, with thousands of members in the UK each affiliated to one of three UK Sections in Aberdeen, London and Great Yarmouth. The Aberdeen Section is the largest of these, with over 2,500 members and has won this year’s SPE International President’s Award for Section Excellence.

SPE Aberdeen is run entirely by volunteers, and has members from across the range of age, gender and nationality and four student Chapters at five universities in Scotland. The Aberdeen Section works closely with the Oil and Gas industry, Scottish universities and local schools, institutes and academia to advance the learning and technical excellence in all aspects of the industry; offshore, onshore and internationally.


Source: ICoTA , November  2 , 2011