Innovative Marine Communication Systems Contribute to North Sea Safety

Innovative Marine Communication Systems Contribute to North Sea Safety

When Mantsbrite (stand A173 at Seawork 2013) became the sole UK distributor of the David Clark Marine Wireless Headset Communications Systems in 2012, one of the first users was fellow Seawork exhibitor Tidal Transit (V32).

Some years earlier, Tidal Transit had realised that offshore wind farm development off the east coast of England was going to create a huge demand for personnel transfer vessels [PTVs] to transport mechanics and electricians to the offshore wind farm sites. In 2011, its directors Leo Hambro and Adam Wright made a considerable investment by commissioning two state-of-the-art, purpose-designed and built vessels from a Spanish vessel manufacturer.

Tidal Transit selected Mantsbrite, firstly fit out to Ginny Louise, and very shortly after Eden Rose, with the best navigational aids available to enable the vessels to function safely and efficiently in the unfriendly waters of the North Sea. Eden Rose was displayed on the Seawork pontoons in 2012.

Mantsbrite’s MD David Ash said: “One of the key factors in operating safely at sea is clear and interference-free communication, so I was delighted when David Clark launched its new Marine Wireless Headset Communications System. Having thoroughly tested these headsets, I knew they would be ideal for crews operating vessels in the demanding environment of the North Sea. They are rugged, manufactured from marine grade components, and enable users to enjoy clear, crisp reception within a range of 100m. Being hands-free, they greatly enhance mobility as there is no need for crew members to be tethered to the vessel.”

Tidal Transit’s Leo Hambro comments: “These Communications Systems have been invaluable. When we carried out a man overboard rescue’ exercise recently, the crew member on deck was able to move freely, giving very clear instructions to the crew on the bridge, thus avoiding accidental harm to the ‘man’ in the water. Mantsbrite will be fitting out our third vessel, the Tia Elizabeth, which is expected to reach these shores in May 2013,” says Leo Hambro, “and David Clark wireless headsets are part of the equipment specification.”

Press Release, May 23, 2013