McDermott and Trelleborg develop innovative new clamp to improve diver safety

Trelleborg Offshore has revealed a new diver-friendly piggyback clamp designed to improve safety during installation. Trelleborg developed the clamp at the request of leading offshore construction company, McDermott in collaboration with Trelleborg Offshore UAE distributor, Unique Maritime Group.

The Trelleborg system includes the use of edge treated banding and a new fastening system which eliminates sharp edges, reducing the risk of cuts to the diver. The innovative design, which negates the need to pass the band around the carrier pipe to secure the piggyback line, reduces handling and improves installation efficiency and time, enabling significant cost savings while increasing diver safety.

Sean Brunton, operations manager, McDermott Diving Division, commented: “Improving diver safety is something that is of paramount importance to us and the Trelleborg piggyback clamp has been central to our Zero Hand Injury Campaign. As such, the clamp achieved our annual President’s Award which celebrates exceptional examples of performance and initiatives relating to safety, quality, ethics and productivity.”

Manufactured from marine-grade polypropylene, the piggyback saddle can fit carrier pipelines from 20″ – 42″ and line sizes from 1.25″ to 3.5″. The one-size-fits-all design of the clamp can streamline purchasing, enabling zero-waste bulk ordering.

Chris Green, global customer group sales manager, Trelleborg Offshore, said: “We are continually developing innovative polymer-based solutions to improve not just the efficiency but also the safety of the oil and gas industry. This is never more rewarding than when we’re able to develop a bespoke solution for a specific issue faced by one of our clients, which is exactly what we achieved with the new piggyback clamps.

“The clamps enable a wealth of benefits but you can’t put a price on safety and we’re incredibly proud that this solution is set to significantly improve diver safety.”

Harry Gandhi, CEO, Unique Maritime Group, added: “We’re pleased to have been involved in the design of such an innovative solution, which is set to revolutionize the offshore oil & gas industry’s approach to piggyback installation.”

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