Nieaf-Smitt Extends its Product Portfolio

Nieaf-Smitt Extends its Product Portfolio

Mors Smitt has extended its product portfolio focusing on market sectors like power generation and distribution, factory automation, petro-chemical, water treatment plants and general industrial requirements.

 Hall effect sensors

Today, more and more applications that used to be mechanical are changing to fully electronic control offering increased reliability, improved regulation standards and higher energy efficiency.

For motors with inverter control total energy consumed savings of up to 50% are achievable. The inverter control requires reliable, accurate current measurements.

For renewable sources, power electronics also play a key role in energy savings. Modern systems are becoming more complex and require precise coordination between the power semiconductors, the system controller, mechanics and the feedback sensors. Hall effect sensors provide all necessary information of the load to fulfill that function.

Other power electronics applications involving sensors are: motor drives, UPS, welding, robotics, cranes, cable cars, ski lifts, elevators, medical systems, power supplies for computer servers and telecom.

Mors Smitt hall effect closed loop sensors ensure high accuracy of current measuring in power electronics equipments for a full protection against overload or underload, control and regulation of the power equipment.


Worldwide availability is assured by a network of professional, trained and dedicated subsidiaries, distributors and agents, offering local service and support.

Mors Smitt offers customizable protection solutions, enhancing safety and performance. Not just our products and services but also our production sites are focused on environmental performance improvements by certification of the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001 standards.

The company strategy for the future is based upon further responsible development and expansion of its high quality components, responding to tomorrow’s needs in the many current sectors it serves. It is based upon putting the skills and talents of its staff to work for company, clients and mankind. Keeping that part of the world’s operation for which it plays a role, working successfully, without question and without failure.


Source: nieaf-smitt , September,26.  2011;