One-on-one with Navingo’s Nathalie de Jongste

Our very own Nathalie de Jongste, Marketeer at Navingo, spoke about all the ways in which Navingo Career, be it an event or an online platform, supports the (young) professionals on their way to offshore energy and maritime employment.

Nathalie de Jongste in Energy Plaza; Navingo

“Our goal at Navingo Career is to make sure that the sector is attractive, and that it stays attractive to people. We do that by showing the innovative projects – not just by telling them how great the sector is, but really by showing them.

“In this sector, for example, as Holland is very much in the lead in the worldwide innovative projects, you can play a part in that transformation. Focusing on the energy transition is definitely a way to go because that is something that especially the young people really want to be a part of”, said Nathalie de Jongste.

Also, Nathalie spoke about trends in the current job market and provided some insight into how energy transition and digital transformation play a big role in that regard.

Finally, the date for the next online Navingo Career Event was announced, and it has been set for the second week of December 2020.

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