RWE Innogy Looks for Substation Developer

Essen based renewable energy developer, RWE Innogy, is looking for contractor do design, engineering, construct, supply and install the Innogy Nordsee 1(“IN1”) 155/33 kv substation including platform, substructure and foundation.

Innogy Nordsee 1 is the largest single project RWE has undertaken so far in the area of renewables. With an anticipated 996 megawatts capacity this wind farm to be built 40 kilometres north of the North Sea island of Juist will be the largest offshore wind farm off the German coast and one of the largest worldwide.

Site tests suggest that it can run at just under 4,000 full-load hours and can therefore supply a total of approx. 3.8 terawatt hours of electricity per year. This quantity is enough to supply electricity to at least one million households.

The wind farm design comprises an array of 162 offshore wind turbines with an installed capacity of 6 megawatts each. With a rotor diameter of 126 meters, the 6M are among the largest and most powerful wind energy systems in the world. The rotor consists of three rotor blades of 61.5 meters in length and covers an area greater than that of two football fields, while the turbine house has the dimensions of a semi-detached house. At the Innogy Nordsee 1 wind farm with an area of around 150 km2 the turbines are built in water which is 26 to 34 metres deep.

The first wind turbines should start running as early as 2015. The whole wind farm is expected to be completed in 2017.

About RWE Innogy:

RWE Innogy is RWE’s subsidiary for renewable energies. Founded in February 2008, RWE Innogy pools the activities of the Group in this area. RWE Innogy invests around one billion Euro each year in the development of renewable energy technology in Europe.  Approximately 70% of these funds is used for the development of onshore and offshore wind farms.


Source: Offshorewind, September 16, 2011; Image: rwe