Salvage operation awaits improved weather conditions

The salvage of the TRICOLOR will continue once there are weather forecasts indicating an extended period of favourable conditions. Based on weather statistics from the past, it can potentially take several months (until April/May) before the operation can be resumed. 

In the past 21 days storms and high seas have hampered the wreck removal operation. To date, since the signing of the wreck removal contract on 11th of April, the TRICOLOR has been successfully cut into nine sections. Five of these sections have been lifted and transported to Zeebrugge (Belgium).
Severe winds of up to seven and even eight Beaufort (storm) have made the operation to remove the four remaining sections too dangerous. These sections are weakened due to the cutting operation and the bad weather. They can only be removed by using a floating crane equipped with a large grab.

Bron:, 12-11-2003;