SAT-Training Opens Offshore, Wind & Maritime Training Facilities in Denmark

SAT-Training Opens Offshore, Wind & Maritime Training Facilities in Denmark

On February 1, SAT-Training opened offshore, wind & maritime training facilities in Esbjerg, Denmark.

 Eigil Jensen, Operation Manager, is confident that, “we have listened carefully to what our Customers needs are and have developed a concept that is entirely client focused, ensuring that flexible delivery of courses, both prescribed and bespoke, are available when required with safety and undisputed service being our absolute goal. We offer an entire package here in Esbjerg including all offshore & sea survival, maritime, people skills and personal development courses. Here at SAT – Training, we have as in Copenhagen, Korsør/Nyborg interest in Wind Turbine courses also and development of training that will undoubtedly be in high demand as this sector of Renewable Energy continues to grow at a rapid pace.

In general the company has 3 different training concepts within SAT training which do cover all HSE and safety training needed for the offshore sector.

First one is that the individual customer actually send their employee to Copenhagen, Korsør / Nyborg or Esbjerg (Esbjerg from December 2011) having SAT training arranging everything, secondly SAT training plans and arrange training on-site around the world using one/two of our own employee and a local partner (if needed – though we will be overall responsible for the program and execution). Third possible method is an integrated course where the customer have some specific requirements technical wise and do have all equipment in-house (or at site) whereby they do send one/two employee to run the training specifically.

Offshore Nieuws Staff , February 8, 2012; Image: sat-training