‘Sealand Express’ successfully refloated

On Saturday at 15.24 (local time, South Africa), the container ship ‘Sealand Express’ was successfully refloated and towed to a position west of Robben Island, where her towing connection is being reconfigured and various inspections completed prior to her entering the Port of Cape Town.

The refloating attempt of last Friday (12-9) was unsuccessful because the expected high swell never materialised during that day. The dredger ‘Ham 316′ therefore recommenced with removing more sand around the ‘Sealand Express’. On Saturday morning (13-9) the refloating attempt was renewed and the salvors managed to pivot the vessel further seawards and move it approximately 270 more metres out to sea. The afternoon high tide on that same day was sufficient to enable the salvage tugs ‘John Ross’, ‘Pacific Worker’ and ‘Pacific Brigand’ to free the ‘Sealand Express’ and tow her out to sea.

Bron: Smit.com, 15-09-2003;