Underwater Centre Announces New Fibre-Optic Termination Training Course

Underwater Centre Announces New Fibre-Optic Termination Training Course

A leading subsea training centre has announced a new course for ROV professionals.

The Underwater Centre in Fort William has developed the ‘Fibre-optic Termination’ training course, specifically from feedback received from the industry on new demands being placed on employees.

The two day course takes place for the first time on Wednesday 30, November in Aberdeen at the The National Hyperbaric Centre and is for both newly qualified and experienced ROV pilot technicians to learn the skills needed to repair and re-terminate umbilicals and tethers.

Fibre-optic cables are extensively used in umbilical cables, especially but not exclusively, on ROV systems.

With the continued boom in the energy sector, ROV professionals are in high demand. However, with the rapidly changing industry and expansion in types of projects to be undertaken there is an increasing demand for greater competence in ROV pilot technicians.

Steve Ham, General Manager at The Underwater Centre said: “We are continually striving to provide courses which meet the demand of the industry.

Over recent months we have continued to develop a strong relationship with the industry, which means that we’ve been receiving information from them on new developments, trends and demands, which we can then take on board and develop courses where appropriate.

This newest development in our profile of courses we offer will provide students with the opportunity for maximum hands-on experience and to gain knowledge from industry experienced lecturers, ensuring a high standard of competency on completion.

In this instance the course is classroom based and relies on our industry expertise and knowledge rather than our facilities at the Centre in Fort William, so we decided to hold the course in Aberdeen. Many of the companies who have ROV employees are based in and around the city and so this provides them with the opportunity to increase and improve their staff’s skill-set right on their doorstep”.

The course will teach competence in different methods of re-termination, explain the ranges of connectors available, the advantages and disadvantages of different design systems and the various requirements for repair.

Hot-melt and fusion repair are specific skills that the course will cover.

The Underwater Centre delivers a number of other subsea training courses including bespoke corporate training, in addition to the Fibre-optic Termination Course. This comprises of Remotely Operated Vehicle courses and their internationally recognised HSE commercial diving courses, all designed to equip students with the skills they’ll need to succeed in their new careers.

The Fibre-optic Termination Course will take place on Wednesday November 30 until Thursday December 1 in Aberdeen at The National Hyperbaric Centre.


Offshore Nieuws Staff , November 15, 2011; Image: TheUnderwaterCentre