Van der Velden to Present Innovation at Europort 2011 Exhibition

Van der Velden to Present Innovation at Europort 2011 Exhibition

Van der Velden® Marine Systems will be attending the Europort 2011 Exhibition in Ahoy Rotterdam. From 8 to 11 November the Europort Exhibition will be the maritime center of the world, as the entire maritime industry will gather to expand their network, do business, exchange knowledge and to present the latest innovative products.

This year, Van der Velden will present an innovative and environmentally friendly breakthrough: the Van der Velden® FLEX-tunnel. This innovative retractable tunnel, which is designed for inland and coastal ships, offers tremendous advantages in the expansion of capacity, fuel consumption, speed and manoeuvrability. The tunnel has been developed in close collaboration with the renowned German research DST (Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems).

 Presentation on the booth

The presentation of this retractable tunnel will be held on Thursday, November 10 at 18:00 hours at the exhibition booth of Van der Velden® Marine Systems, number 1.405. The presentation will be given by Mr. Joachim Zöllner from DST and Mr. Edwin van Buren from Van der Velden® Marine Systems. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to ask questions, while enjoying a drink and a snack. For those who cannot attend this presentation, it will be repeated on Friday at 12:00 hours.

 Green BARKE® rudder

Next to the new Van der Velden® FLEX-tunnel, there are also exhibition models of a selection of the product range, such as steering gear, the green BARKE® rudder, hydrospoilers, and the latest version of the Van der Velden® control panel, the SP 2700. Also a model of the Van der Velden COMMANDER™ rotary vane steering gear will be shown on the exhibition floor. This steering gear has an industry leading life span and sophisticated materials that are light, yet exceptionally strong. Also this type of steering gear has only one moveable part, which makes the Van der Velden COMMANDER™ rotary vane a very popular product with low maintenance and trouble-free operation.

Sailing safe with Van der Velden

During Europort 2011, Van der Velden® Marine Systems will pay extra attention to safety inspections. Van der Velden is IVR certified to carry out these inspections, which are necessary to prevent problems such as rudder failure, but also to meet the latest legal requirements.

Every day at Europort 2011 a free inspection for steering gear will be given away by Van der Velden.


Source: Van der Velden , October 7, 2011