VostaLMG launches universal MK3 bow coupling installation


Compatibility is a welcome development for many products. This also applies for bow coupling installations. It occurs regularly that several dredges are co-operating within a dredge contract and use the same discharge line. To enable coupling of the floating discharge line, it used to be necessary that the bow coupling installations on the dredges were of the same make. With the universal VOSTA MK3 bow coupling installation this has changed.

Currently dredging contractors work with conventional VOSTA installations (MK1 up to MK3) and installations of other manufacturers. With the new universal bow coupling installation it is not only possible to couple a male part of VOSTA make but also male parts of other manufacturers.

To make the compatibility possible, it was needed for VOSTA LMG to replace the spring-ring system with a segmented ring system. Just like with the spring-ring the segmented ring can be increased and reduced in diameter size via the use of a hydraulic cylinder. A second cylinder can lock the segments of the segmented ring in place.

Besides the interoperability an additional advantage of the segmented ring is that, in respect to conventional systems, the surface which carries the male part is significantly increased. This improvement causes the coupling to be even more robust than before.

Apart from placing a new, universal bow coupling installation on Hopper Dredges, it is also possible to upgrade conventional VOSTA MK3 systems. Replacing the ball joint part and making some changes in the hydraulic control easily complete the upgrade.

In August 2003, VOSTA LMG delivered the third universal VOSTA MK3 bow coupling installation. This installation will be assembled onto a 1500 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge for Vietnamese customer Waterway Dredging & Construction Company.

The two previously delivered systems have proven in various tests to meet all expectations. The universal VOSTA MK3 bow coupling installation will therefor be added to the portfolio of standard VOSTA LMG dredging components.


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