Busy Summer at Anholt OWF

Busy Summer at Anholt OWF

Even though the wind turbine installation is expected to be completed in May, the activities in terms of wind turbine commissioning and wind farm completion will still be hectic during the summer.

Small service vessels will transport the numerous technicians inside the wind farm for them to complete the commissioning of the wind turbines and put them into operation one by one. Parallel to this activity, all wind turbines will be inspected after the first 500 operating hours.

The cable protection in the wind farm will be completed in summer 2013. All cables between the wind turbines and the substation have been flushed one metre into the seabed. However, at some positions, it has not been possible to sufficiently flush the cables into the seabed – either because the subsoil has been too hard or because of stones at the seabed. To secure cable protection also at these positions, a stone layer has been laid out.


Press Release, May 5, 2013